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Young Justice games
Description: Soon the channel cartoon network will broadcast a new cartoon. This is young justice, a episode wich will be viewed by all the children. We decided to offer you the game young justice, because we know you like action games and fighting games. In this game, a young team, was captured by some monsters, but only one has escaped. Because you are the only one who escaped you must to save the rest of your team, so you must get in their laborator and you start fighting with all your enemies to earn some time. While you are fighting with the monsters, the others will try to open the door of theri cell. Unfortunately if you want to play this game you must to install a little program, so you must click on the link from the middle of the game and a little program will be instaled on your computer. Once it has been instaled you cand play the game.
Instructions: To move you must use the arrows, and for interact use the keys Z,X,X. Also you can use the space key for other atacks.
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